MultiTools Features

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Text can be typed straight into the AOL chat room and it will be faded, and chat text can be double clicked on to insert the screenname of the person who said it into your text (info)
HTML can be used even in faded text
Fade an unlimited number of colours (info)
Rainbow fade mode available as well as normal fading
Instant Message fader
Text can be faded and put on the clipboard either as HTML or in Rich Text Format, for pasting into other applications such as Microsoft Word
Chat member list which allows you to insert people's screennames into your text, and easily do things such as view their profile or website
Chat aliases for members list and double-clicking of names in AOL chat room (e.g. can be set to insert Eddy when EdwardMillen is double-clicked) (info)
Macro Editor for full formatted text (info)
Macros can be sent by typing /macroname
Things such as the date, time and name of the chat room you are in can be inserted into your text (info)
An unlimited length of text can be sent to chat rooms
Automatic website and keyword hyperlinks
Support for AOL 7 Chat Smileys
Chat room logging
AOL chat room lag tester
MultiTools Interactive Service